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Executive Leadership Coaching

The ability to create change in behaviour, in state and in thinking is all our own control. We can use this ability in many aspects of our lives. In our employment or our businesses, in sales, in our relationships or in our lives itself. Choosing another path choosing a different way to do things, something you have never tried before, can create phenomenal results.




Reprogram your unconscious programming, blocks and thinking that causes you stress and the same reactive behaviours continuously.

Empower your thinking with frameworks, models and tools that allow you to create accelerated problem solving, diverse out of the box thinking  and opportunity openings that were previously thought to be impossible or were even out of your thought scope all together.

Deep dive into understanding and breaking down why you do what you do and why you respond and behave the way you do. With a clear understanding of where you learnt the behaviour and when it was programmed into your unconscious, we are able to identify and reprogram new behaviours associations that are more aligned with who YOU TRULY ARE 




Team workshops, communication,  relationship and rapport building with your talent. 

Do you run multiple divisions and cannot seem to bridge the step between the 2?

Have different talent communication styles within the team which causes conflict?

Do you know that your talent are capable of more but are unsure how to inspire and foster them into action?

Do you have team members that seem to clash but neither are being behaviorally out of place?

If you want to propel your team into forward thinkers, fast actors and outcome driven talent that get the RESULTS they are capable of then this program if for you and your team.




High Performing Executive Leaders have the task of leading, empowering and inspiring their talent and teams to not only get their jobs done but to perform well by meeting and exceeding KPI's, targets and timelines.

Leading teams you need to have diverse thinking capabilities, be resolution focused and have the ability to communicate and cater to all learning and communication styles of your team.

This mastermind is designed for High Performance Executive Leaders to push past their comfort zones, open their perspectives to explore and propel their thinking to the next level.

Sharing what has and has not worked with other like minded Executives provides the unique ability to fast track your teams growth and success.

What Leadership Style Are You?

Discover your Leadership Quotient & gain powerful insights into your leadership styles and the performance of your business

Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential as a high performing leader

Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you lead with precision & passion, create vibrant cultures, and develop extraordinary people




Meet Your CEO

Mary has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally. After a very successful finance career with large ASX listed companies, Mary founded M Power Services focusing on Business Growth, Problem Solving and Increasing Profits through changing the way you think, act and react. Being one of eight children, she was introduced to many variations of human behaviour very early in life, but it was her work in Mergers and Acquisitions and being tasked with melding teams together that she recognised a gap in Human Behaviour Skills. After extensive retraining in human behaviour and a personal transformation journey, Mary now works with individuals and teams to change their thinking, their businesses, careers and lives. Mary has worked at the top of Commercial and Non-Commercial Industries in excess of 30 years. Mary is passionate about driving change and enjoys working with individuals and teams that can be mentored and developed into excelling high performers.


What Others Are Sharing..

I am really happy that I went through Mary's course. Apart from being a friendly and caring person, Mary taught and improved skills for use in my business and interpersonal life. She also gave me a great insight into dealing with personal matters that could be putting brakes on achieving my goals. I have implemented these learnings in my daily life and appreciate these insights.

Lindsay Kotzman

CEO Property & Business Commercial Lawyers


Mary will open your mind up to achieving your true calling and therefore potential.


Mary will open your mind up to achieving your true calling and therefore potential. Coming from a highly experienced corporate executive background herself, Mary is most aware the demands, pressures and expectations of such a role and the impact it can have on you and the people around you. She will help you define and pursue what is most fulfilling for you so you are able to achieve happiness. Her approach will uncover for you the different levels of thinking including above and below the line thinking and the role those different levels of thinking have in formulating our approach in not only what we do, but how and why we do what we do, and therefore what actions we can take to improve. If you truly want to be better at what you do and above all be a better and more fulfilled positive person, talk with Mary.“

George Giamadakis

CEO at Contributors &

Board Member-Southern Cross Kids Camps


Mary is a lovely and creative person to work with. I can recommend her for anyone looking to make big changes in their life/career as Mary does not just work on one aspect in isolation. Mary Is intelligent, compassionate and innovative in the way she approaches her clients’ needs. She is an outstanding CEO coach as she deals with the whole person not just one aspect of their work performance. She also values the personal connection with you and keeps regular contact above what you contract her for.

Claire Martin 

Senior Legal Counsel at Transport for NSW